Trump decries ‘Fake Fiction’

The Don, getting ready to rant! Photo credit: Chris Schrier  CC BY-SA 2.0 Yes, you read that right. In his latest tweets, Donald Trump has taken to decrying ‘fake fiction’ in the media. And I, for one, am overjoyed, over the moon, over-my-hammy! (No, I am not sponsored by Denny’s.) Why, I hear you ask? … Continue reading Trump decries ‘Fake Fiction’

Happy Interdependence Day Weekend!

Photo CC0 Public Domain A Fourth of July Weekend message for everyone (even the veggietarians)! (And before any veggietarians get mad at me, I'm one of you. Just don't tell anyone else.) Ah, the brats are on the barbeque and I'll add the brioche in a couple of minutes just to toast it lightly. (What, … Continue reading Happy Interdependence Day Weekend!

Excellent Album, Excellent Charity

(In the interest of full disclosure, I played mandolin on one of the tracks on this album. My part, however, was brutally cut from the final mix, so feel free to swamp the band with messages telling them how much you wish there had been a mandolin on the album. Just be polite about it!) … Continue reading Excellent Album, Excellent Charity