Excellent Album, Excellent Charity

Stone Angels Syndrome_cover

(In the interest of full disclosure, I played mandolin on one of the tracks on this album. My part, however, was brutally cut from the final mix, so feel free to swamp the band with messages telling them how much you wish there had been a mandolin on the album. Just be polite about it!)

A friend of mine’s band has released a new album and they’re donating all proceeds from album sales to the young adult cancer ward at Christie Hospital Manchester. The daughter of one of the band members recently received fantastic care from Christie Hospital and the band wants to give something back, both to say “thanks” and to help the hospital reach more patients. In order to maximize the benefit to Christie Hospital, the band is eating all production costs themselves.

The band is Stone Angel Syndrome (as you might’ve guessed from the cover) and the album is called “Discovery” (ditto). The music is atmospheric synth/guitar/drum instrumentals in a prog rock style. And in true prog rock fashion, “Discovery” is a concept album–almost a tone-poem, really–with a sci-fi theme that follows a spacecraft lifting off and heading on an intergalactic journey.

If you’re interested in the band and/or want to help, the album is now available on bandcamp.

Thanks! And enjoy the music!



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