When is a rose not a rose?

Photo by Andrea Pol on Unsplash Here's another excerpt from the diaries of Grad Bernart. It's a little frustrating, how much he leaves unsaid at the end, but I promise to update you as soon as I find anything relating to the mysterious message. Here goes: It started with the curious package I received today. … Continue reading When is a rose not a rose?

The Neighbours from Hell. And Heaven.

Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images Okay, yet another post that has nothing to do with sci-fi, fantasy or writing. It's just, I’ve got a problem. I admit, it’s not exactly a big problem but, still, it’s a problem. I’ve got new neighbours. Don’t leap to conclusions. The truth is, the new neighbours … Continue reading The Neighbours from Hell. And Heaven.

On the Philosophy of Ants

This is the first in a series of blogs taken from the research notes of Grad Bernart. Some of you may already know of Grad Bernart as the Collegium scholar who famously talks to plants. A few of you may also know that he was the teacher of Anders, whose adventures feature in my upcoming … Continue reading On the Philosophy of Ants

Review: Remnant Population by Elizabeth Moon

Remnant Population tells the story of a woman who stays behind on an alien world when all of her fellow humans abandon a failed colony. Imagine the love-child of Robinson Crusoe and Enemy Mine with Ursula K. LeGuin acting as midwife and you’ll get some idea as to what to expect from Remnant Population. There … Continue reading Review: Remnant Population by Elizabeth Moon

Are Dogs Essential for Space Travel?

Does the colonization of Mars depend on this?   istolethetv/Flickr Creative Commons Now that you've clicked on the link with the cute photo, give me a moment. I promise I'll get to dogs and space travel soon. But first, ever since I mentioned akolouthology on this blog a couple of weeks ago, I have received literarily* … Continue reading Are Dogs Essential for Space Travel?

Happy Interdependence Day Weekend!

Photo CC0 Public Domain A Fourth of July Weekend message for everyone (even the veggietarians)! (And before any veggietarians get mad at me, I'm one of you. Just don't tell anyone else.) Ah, the brats are on the barbeque and I'll add the brioche in a couple of minutes just to toast it lightly. (What, … Continue reading Happy Interdependence Day Weekend!

Review: The Black Tides of Heaven

The Black Tides of Heaven by J. Y. Yang The Black Tides of a Heaven is a fantasy novella set in a medieval pseudo-China where magic, monsters and gunpowder co-exist. So far, so good. The story starts by following twins, Mokoya and Akeha, who are unwanted by their empress-mother and gifted to a monastery to … Continue reading Review: The Black Tides of Heaven