Happy Interdependence Day Weekend!

veggie grill 2

Photo CC0 Public Domain

A Fourth of July Weekend message for everyone (even the veggietarians)! (And before any veggietarians get mad at me, I’m one of you. Just don’t tell anyone else.)

Ah, the brats are on the barbeque and I’ll add the brioche in a couple of minutes just to toast it lightly. (What, you haven’t tried brats on toasted brioche? Get some class!) I’ve chopped wasabi instead of horse-radish to give the brats an extra kick, the kids are already digging into the nachos, salsa and guacamole and the falafel, hummus, olives and sun-dried tomatoes are ready for the veggietarians. (I try to be friendly with those people but, honestly, I don’t trust any food that tastes so yummy and yet doesn’t contain meat.)

Now I’ve got a moment to relax with a cool cerveza (there’s a South African chianti and a nice cabernet from Chile for those who don’t drink beer, along with orange-and-mango juice for the kids) while I crank up the tunes on my new Samsung sound-system. Let’s start with the classics, a little Led Zeppelin and some Rush, at least until the daughter switches it over to Rihanna.

And we’ll finish the evening off with some home-grown rhubarb pie–no food miles on that!

I had a great Independence Day, really I did. But celebrating this Interdependence Weekend, well, this is really living. Have fun folks! (And don’t let the polenta-jalapeno-egg bake seduce you to the veggietarian side! I know it’s awesome but, I swear, those people must all be witches and warlocks.)

4 thoughts on “Happy Interdependence Day Weekend!

  1. today I munched on dry drought baked grass from my field and I drank spring water laden with deer based coliforms from my water supply. Who says I can’t be independent? Woo whooo!


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