Signs of Alien Technology Found on ‘Oumuamua

Considering my last blog-post, if I had a hat, I’d be eating it. A friend of mine at JPL in Pasadena let slip last night that they’ve found radiation coming from the asteroid ‘Oumuamua that almost certainly can’t be of natural occurrence. In other words, they are coming from alien technology.

As a reminder, ‘Oumuamua is an asteroid that was discovered by scientists in Hawaii last October. The surprising thing was that ‘Oumuamua’s trajectory was odd. Very odd. In fact, it quickly became clear that ‘Oumuamua doesn’t orbit the sun, that it had actually originated in a different solar system and was only passing through ours. It is the first object that scientists have been able to positively identify as coming from outside our solar system. You can learn more about it here.


By Original: ESO/M. KornmesserDerivative: nagualdesign – Derivative of, shortened (65%) and reddened and darkened, CC BY-SA 4.0

Numerous telescopes were immediately trained on ‘Oumuamua but, for the lay person at least, there wasn’t much else of interest.

But that’s all changed, now. My friend told me that their observations have revealed a strange source of radiation coming from a single spot on the asteroid’s surface. Further analysis revealed the radiation could only be produced by Copernicium, a synthetic element which does not occur naturally. Also, the quantity of Copernicium needed to produce the amount of radiation is far beyond anything that could be made by anything close to our current technology. Finally, under normal conditions, Copernicium is highly unstable. It breaks down within seconds into a variety of other radioactive elements which, in turn, break down further. Scientists, however, have found no sign of any of the “daughter” elements that result from Copernicium’s decay, meaning that the Copernicium is somehow being prevented from decaying. There is absolutely no natural explanation for this and the scientists can’t even begin to figure out a technological solution to the problem. And yet, the evidence is incontrovertible.

So, scientists have found a large quantity of a synthetic element that does not occur naturally and the element’s natural decay has, in some unknown form or fashion, been halted. Spectroscopy has revealed that ‘Oumuamua is composed largely of lead and zinc and, on Earth, scientists have used those two elements create Copernicium. So, folks, it looks like ‘Oumuamua contains the remnants of an ancient mining operation, designed and built by an alien civilization to create Copernicium.

I understand that scientists at JPL will be giving a press conference later today. Incredible! Remember today’s date, people, as I’m sure it will go down in history!

3 thoughts on “Signs of Alien Technology Found on ‘Oumuamua

    1. I hadn’t thought of that. A gastronome/literati alien culture paying tribute with an eclair-shaped monument eternally transmitting a radioactive eulogy into the depths of space? I wonder if the scientists at JPL have considered that possibility?


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