The Good, the Bad, the Termites

Photo courtesy CSIRO CC 3.0 Howdy folks. Today, I've got another entry from Grad Bernart's research diaries. For once, he seems to be reasonably happy with his progress. Enjoy!   The good news is, my research into the language of ants might actually yield some useful results. The bad news is, I’m surrounded by idiots. … Continue reading The Good, the Bad, the Termites

When is a rose not a rose?

Photo by Andrea Pol on Unsplash Here's another excerpt from the diaries of Grad Bernart. It's a little frustrating, how much he leaves unsaid at the end, but I promise to update you as soon as I find anything relating to the mysterious message. Here goes: It started with the curious package I received today. … Continue reading When is a rose not a rose?

On the Philosophy of Ants

This is the first in a series of blogs taken from the research notes of Grad Bernart. Some of you may already know of Grad Bernart as the Collegium scholar who famously talks to plants. A few of you may also know that he was the teacher of Anders, whose adventures feature in my upcoming … Continue reading On the Philosophy of Ants