Waters and the Wild by Jo Zebedee

waters wild

This is a great book! Intelligent and intense, the story moves through forty-eight hours in the life of a very disturbed young woman named Amy. Plagued by a pack of very nasty fairies—who may or may not be the products of her own imagination—Amy struggles to fight against the fairies’ (or her own psychosis’) urgings. And we get a Go-Pro view of all the collateral damage caused in the process.

Based on the cover-art and back-cover blurb, you might dismiss this as a bit of YA fluff. But don’t be fooled. Zebedee paints a powerful portrait of a family being torn to shreds by Amy’s possible schizophrenia and/or psychosis, as well as by the feelings of guilt, helplessness and anger that follow in her illness’ wake. At the same time, we get a compelling drama as Amy desperately tries to escape the clutches of the fairies she sees and hears all around her. (And these aren’t your average, everyday fairies. These fairies have binge-read all of Stephen King before stoking up on fairy-dust and heading out looking for trouble.)

The result is a real page-turner where neither you nor Amy are sure what is real and what isn’t. So good, I bought a second copy for my wife for her birthday.

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