A Tale About Writing Point of View

I got a new dog today, a poveranian. It’s one of those silly, little yappy things. I normally don’t like this type of dog but these are supposed to be the perfect companions for writers. They were bred somewhere in northern Germany or Poland in the 18th century and were allegedly selected for their ability to inspire quiet contemplation and self-absorption. They were so successful at this that historians credit these little dogs as having had a huge influence on the works of many German writers, including Goethe and Schiller. (I believe the German name for the breed is Vorstandpunkthund.)

Anyway, I don’t believe a word of it. Whenever I sit down to write, this dog won’t shut up. Just keeps barking and barking, especially when the point of view gets muddled. Going absolutely bonkers now.

OW! It just nipped my ankle! Gotta go. The only thing that seems to calm it down is editing, so I’ve got to get to work before this damn dog kills me. Stupid poveranians!

(Note: One of the more annoying things about writing is maintaining a consistent and effective point of view (POV). It may seem like common sense but it can be difficult to describe scenes and events from the perspective of a single character, for example.)

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